6 reasons why builders choose Palliside weatherboards

The Team at Palliside 09 October 2017

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With New Zealand’s growing housing shortage, homes need to go up quicker than ever. But how do builders keep up with the demand that is set to last well into the 2020s? While there’s no one-shot solution, Palliside presents several key advantages that can help builders deliver high-quality, low maintenance homes on budget and on-time.


1. Independently tested for peace of mind

As a builder, you need high-quality products that will do the distance. News travels fast these days, and with social media amplifying word-of-mouth, you can’t afford to use a product that might come back to bite.

With Palliside you can rest easy; it is independently tested to meet the strict requirements of the New Zealand Building Code and is BRANZ Appraised.


2. No specialised building equipment is needed

Palliside uPVC weatherboard is lightweight in more ways than one. It’s light on labour, light on cost and light on building equipment. In fact, Palliside requires no special tools at all, which means builders can get on with the job and keep costs down.

The tools you need are already on hand

Just like timber, you can cut and nail Palliside with standard saws and power tools. It means there’s no additional cost to outlay to provide specialised equipment, particularly ventilation and other safety equipment that’s needed when working with fibre cement, clay, brick and stone cladding materials.


3. It’s quick to install

Opting for a quick to install weatherboard can help building businesses stay cost competitive and meet their clients’ timelines. That’s why so many builders turn to Palliside—it’s got speed on its side.

Double board profiles go up double time

Palliside’s double board profile makes short work of cladding a home. While other cladding types can take a few weeks to a month to install, There’s less scaffolding hire involved, and their light weight means they’re light on labour too, which reduces the risk of body stress injuries on site.

Palliside’s weatherboard is manufactured in standard lengths of 6.3m (1.64m2), but can be specially ordered in lengths up to 8m. These custom lengths help avoid unsightly or inconvenient joins as well as reduce waste on site.


4. Light on labour

Palliside is exceptionally lightweight compared to other claddings. Where two builders are often needed to install a single board of timber or fibre-cement weatherboard, Palliside is a light enough for one person to manage.

“It's extremely light, the guys love using it,” says Ash Turner from Primesite Homes. “It's easy to cut on site too—you can just use your standard skill saw to cut it—and there's bugger-all dust.”

“We've been using it for so long now that our guys prefer installing it more than anything else.”

No need to watch paint dry

Palliside cladding comes in six colours. Since the colour is added during the manufacturing process, there’s no additional labour or costs required to paint them after installation.


5. Made in New Zealand for New Zealand

New Zealand’s climate and environmental conditions pose several challenges for many cladding systems. Harsh UV across the country often leads builders to question the durability of PVC cladding.

Palliside cladding is manufactured from specially formulated uPVC that is designed to withstand the New Zealand sun. It won’t crack, chip or fade. And unlike traditional timber weatherboards, you won’t need to repaint every 10 years.


6. A 25-year guarantee gives greater peace of mind

Builders, architects and specifiers from across New Zealand have seen Palliside weatherboards stand the test of time first hand.

In the unlikely event that your client’s Palliside cladding does develop a fault, our 25-year guarantee has got you covered. But we really don’t think you’ll need it.


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