Great looking, low maintenance weatherboard cladding seals the deal for home buyers

The Team at Palliside 02 July 2019


A two-storey home clad in Palliside upvc weatherboard

When Jenni and Craig Anderson were looking for their next family home, they fell in love with a stunning Beachlands property clad in classic weatherboard. They were so convinced it was timber, right up until they took a closer look.


uPVC weatherboards win homeowners’ hearts

When the Andersons first learned their potential new home was clad in Palliside uPVC weatherboards they were pleasantly surprised.

“We’ve had brick and timber weatherboard clad houses before, but never uPVC,” Jenni says.

Not put off, the couple decided to investigate the product to understand it better.

“We went online and read all the reviews. We didn’t find any negative feedback that concerned us.”


Approved and tested by BRANZ

Palliside weatherboards are independently tested by BRANZ—New Zealand’s building and construction research, testing and consulting body—to ensure it complies with New Zealand’s building code and standards. BRANZ’s testing has approved Palliside for use in both residential and light commercial buildings where domestic construction techniques are used.

For homeowners like the Andersons, it means they can rest assured in the knowledge that their home is built to withstand New Zealand’s unique climatic conditions, including our high levels of UV.


Did you know?

Palliside weatherboard provides all the appeal of traditional weatherboard without the maintenance. Moreover, being made of uPVC means Palliside weatherboards are impervious to moisture. They won’t rot or break down and the anti-capillary groove and interlocking nature of the Palliside design helps prevent moisture from getting in behind the weatherboards.


Perfect cladding for coastal environments

For homeowners seeking a low maintenance lifestyle, traditional timber weatherboards and coastal living don’t always make a good mix. Yet, because Palliside is made in New Zealand to withstand New Zealand’s harsh climatic and geographic conditions, it is highly resistant to sea spray and salt corrosion.

The result: The Anderson’s Beachlands home won’t experience the high wear and tear that comes from living on an exposed coastal peninsula.


Did you know?

Salt-laden sea spray can damage pine and cedar weatherboard homes near the coast, as well as cause the fixings to rust. Homeowners should inspect their exterior cladding regularly to ensure it is standing up to coastal conditions and check that the fixings are not showing signs of rust.

While fibre-cement is a frequently used option, the presence of salt build-up can cause any unpainted areas to absorb moisture, which may impact its durability.


Ease of maintenance a welcome bonus

Throughout their research the Andersons found a common theme regarding Palliside—it is extremely low-maintenance and never needs painting. With both adults working full-time and raising a family, these benefits instantly appealed to them.

“We discovered that maintenance-wise, Palliside appeared to be on par with brick. It doesn’t require much work at all to keep it looking great,” Jenni says. “Especially compared to timber weatherboard, which we know from experience requires ongoing cost to ensure its upkeep and regular investment in repainting.”

Best of all, Jenni and Craig’s friends aren’t able to distinguish Palliside from regular timber weatherboard—it’s a look that’s all aesthetic and no maintenance wrapped up as one.


Did you know?

Pine weatherboard costs, on average, $7 per m2 to maintain every year (this includes the cost of labour and scaffolding). Cedar costs $21 per m2, while fibre-cement, $8 per m2. Pallside, on the other hand, has no painting or scaffolding costs throughout its lifetime.


25-year transferable warranty

Palliside is guaranteed for 25 years—10 years more than some timber claddings. Moreover, thanks to the transferable nature of the Pallside warranty, the Andersons remain covered, even though they are not the original owners of the house.

In the stress of buying and selling, it’s a feature that gives new homeowners confidence and peace of mind in their purchase.

While it’s still early days in their new home, it is safe to say Jenni and Craig can look forward to a lifestyle free of stresses associated with ongoing maintenance and repainting—and with more time on their hands to enjoy their beachside community.

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