How to clean your exterior wall cladding

The Team at Palliside 18 October 2016

Exterior Cladding


No matter how tidy your house and garden are, dirt will accumulate on your exterior over time. And it’s this dirt that hastens deterioration of your paint or finish.

If you take the time to regularly clean your exterior wall cladding, you’ll not only have a neater, tidier home, but you’ll be extending its life.

Cleaning regularly also gives you a chance to inspect your walls for faults or defects. The sooner these things are spotted, the quicker you can have them repaired and the safer and more weathertight your home will remain.

How often should you clean?

This will depend on your specific product’s manufacturing instructions, as well as the landscaping and orientation of your house. Usually, it is recommended you clean your exterior every 1-2 years. If you’re in an extreme wind zone, coastal region, or reside next to some kind of factory or processing plant, you may want to clean more often, as much as 4 times per year.

If you have used unpainted steel cladding, then you should wash any areas not washed by the rain every 6 months.

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How to clean your exterior cladding

First, consult the materials provided by your main contractor for more information on the specific cleaning techniques for your particular product.

Most cladding systems will require you to wash down the walls with a low-pressure hose, and scrub off any stubborn dirt with a soft brush, possibly using a mild cleaner if required. You want to avoid using a wire brush, other abrasive surface, or a water-blaster, as you might damage the cladding or force water into the wall.

Be careful if using some kind of cleaning product on the wall. Many chemicals can break down the paint and cause a greater problem than they solve.

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