Low maintenance cladding makes for a perfect island paradise

The Team at Palliside 24 July 2019


Tania's palliside weatherboard home in Rarotonga

For 20 years Tania and her family planned to return to their ancestral homeland of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands, and build a home there. In November 2019, that dream will become reality when they put the finishing touches on their new single-storey build in the Arorangi District.


Great aesthetics without the maintenance

When it came to choosing their cladding, Palliside was Tania’s first choice. Growing up, she recalled the uPVC weatherboard cladding on her parent’s New Zealand home—and the fact it had been extremely low-maintenance. All her parents had to do was use a water blaster on it (on the lowest setting) every other year and the cladding came out looking brand new.

When it came time to build her dream home in Rarotonga, Palliside immediately came to mind.

“Our initial plan was to build two houses,” Tania says. “One for my husband and I, and the other for the kids.”

However, with her children now grown up and settled in New Zealand, Tania and her husband’s plans changed. Now, they intend to rent the second house out, making the need for a low maintenance cladding an even bigger priority.

While Tania has always liked the look of timber weatherboards, the amount of upkeep required, including painting them every 10 years, was a major deal breaker for her.

“I’ve always liked the look of timber,” says Tania, “so I was thrilled to learn that Palliside is available with a smooth woodgrain finish, but without the need to paint it.”

In the end, they decided on the Palliside rusticated woodgrain profile and the colour slate.

As an added bonus Tania won’t have to see any trees felled to achieve her desired look since Palliside is made from 100 per cent recyclable materials.

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Help provided to train the builder

Palliside is still a relatively new material on the Cook Islands. Only a few houses have uPVC cladding, so finding a builder able to install it was a challenge.

“I downloaded the installation guide from the Palliside website and gave it to our builder to study,” Tania says. “And then Andrew from Dynex (the manufacturer of Palliside weatherboards) flew out especially to train them on how to install it. Having him there on site was invaluable—and our builder was impressed at how easy it was to work with.”

In fact, Tania’s new home became something of a local source of interest to the Rarotongan community.

“A lot of people have come to our house to take offcuts of the cladding to see it for themselves,” Tania said. “Even the building inspector did.”


Weatherboard cladding guaranteed for island conditions

Palliside uPVC weatherboards are made in New Zealand and independently tested to ensure they stand up to New Zealand’s climate. But how does it fare in other environments? That was Tania’s chief concern when choosing her building materials. The cladding going on to her new home needed to withstand Rarotonga’s high UV levels, heat and salt spray, as well as the occasional cyclone or tropical storm.

“Rarotonga has a similar UV factor to New Zealand, and Palliside is rated for both New Zealand and Australian conditions. Once I learned that, I knew it could withstand the Rarotongan sun, and having the warranty back up gave us peace of mind,” says Tania.

And because Palliside is not affected at all by salt spray, the product is ideal for coastal areas, unlike timber, which can be prone to salt damage if the paint system fails or is compromised.

Palliside is also well suited to windy conditions, with the BRANZ appraisal stating that Palliside is suitable for NZ3604 wind zones up to and including Extra High, and is tested to withstand a design differential of 2.5kPa ULS wind pressure when the buildings are specifically designed.

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There are still a few more months of building work left before Tania can move into her new home. But while she waits, she can rest assured that her choice in exterior cladding will stand the test of sun and salt.

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