Palliside uPVC weatherboard gives old home new life

The Team at Palliside 05 August 2019


Palliside uPVC weatherboard used to reinvent an old home

First, you heard homeowners’ Dave and Kristin’s journey—the couple using Palliside to transform their “ugly duckling” home into a swan. Now it’s time to hear from their builder, Noah from Build Right, who headed the project.

While Noah was new to Palliside, it is not the first time the company has used the uPVC weatherboard. In fact, Build Right owner, Rodger, highly recommends it.

“He loves Palliside,” Noah says. With Rodger’s commendation, plus the product’s excellent track record in the construction industry, Noah was confident in Palliside’s durability and low maintenance properties.


Installation: so simple you can learn it in 20 minutes

Palliside shares some similarities to other weatherboard cladding systems, including its traditional timber weatherboard aesthetic. However, there are important differences. Luckily, the team at Dynex, Palliside’s manufacturer, are always happy to provide on-site training to help shorten the learning curve and avoid any issues that could delay a construction project.

“One of Dynex’s representatives came out to the site and showed us how to install their weatherboards,” Noah says. “It was very straightforward, it took just 20 minutes.”

Palliside is easier and quicker for builders to install because it:

  • Has a unique interlocking design to help prevent moisture getting in behind the weatherboards.
  • Features a double board profile effectively cutting installation time in half.
  • Never needs painting.
  • Is available in longer 6.3 metre lengths, and can be joined between studs, keeping waste to a minimum.

Did you know? Palliside has been independently appraised by BRANZ and meets the New Zealand Building Code.


Palliside on renovations

A major challenge with any renovation project is that, unlike new builds, the original house has had time to settle and move.

“When you’re working on older homes, you have to remember that some of them have been standing for over 50 years,” says Noah. “The tools and building methods back then were not as precise, and even if they were, some sinking and shifting of the land is likely.”

In short: older buildings often contain imperfections. Walls aren’t always straight—or level. Windows aren’t always square. This can present a unique set of challenges for builders, particularly when it comes to installing the uPVC cladding. If one little thing is out, it has a knock-on effect.

“When working with any weatherboard product, it’s important to get the measurements perfect, especially because the scribers are premade,” Noah says. With this particular renovation, Noah’s team discovered the concrete floor had sunk five millimetres in places, which caused the windows and walls to be slightly askew.

“Obviously, we wanted everything to line up and look neat,” Noah says. Some creative thinking was needed to make sure the cladding didn’t appear off-kilter. “We took a few millimetres off the board that ran around the top, taking it down from 35 to 30 millimetres at one end so the cladding appeared level.”

A feat made easy thanks to Palliside’s specially formulated uPVC composition.

“Cutting the boards is really straightforward,” Noah says. No special equipment is needed, and there’s no wood or fibre cement dust to contend with.

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Low maintenance was key for owners

While Noah says Palliside offers a good likeness to traditional timber, it is the product’s durability and low maintenance qualities that were the biggest selling points for Dave and Kristin.

“Palliside never needs painting, so the time and cost savings over the long-term were hugely important to them,” Noah says. “As you get older, the less inclined you are to spend precious time on home maintenance.”

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Many homeowners choose Palliside because it is made in New Zealand to withstand New Zealand’s unique climatic conditions.

“Because of our high UV levels, it’s important to use products that are resistant to and can survive in the long term,” Noah says.

Palliside weatherboards are manufactured in New Zealand. They’ve been designed and tested to ensure they provide excellent protection from the damaging effects of our harsh climate.

Palliside is resistant to our high levels of UV and is more than a match for our harsh conditions—namely coastal and geothermal regions—where other forms of exterior cladding can degrade quickly.

While Noah doesn’t like to recommend products—everyone has their own tastes and opinions —he believes that if low maintenance is the goal of a homeowner, Palliside should be high on their list of cladding considerations.

As his parting words aptly summarise: “If they don’t want to do any maintenance, use it.”

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