Palliside uPVC weatherboards transform ugly duckling into swan

The Team at Palliside 30 July 2019


A one-storey home clad in Palliside weatherboardWhen it came time to renovate their single-storey “ugly duckling”, Dave and Kristin began hunting for a low-maintenance exterior cladding to suit their lifestyle as they approached their golden years. Their research led them to Palliside.

“It was my brother who first told me about it,” Dave says. “He was planning a renovation at the time.”

Curious to learn more, Dave and Kristin turned to their builder, BuildRight, who had previous experience working with Palliside. Happy that their builder only had positive feedback on the exterior cladding system, Dave delved further.

Since Palliside uPVC weatherboards are coloured during the manufacturing process, they will never need painting. In addition to this, Palliside is resistant to New Zealand’s high UV levels and salt spray conditions—ideal for Dave and Kristin with their Auckland home being two streets away from a coastal inlet. As for maintenance, a gentle wash once a year is all the time and money they’d need to invest.

“We’re approaching our 60s, so I don’t want to have to paint our home 10 years from now,” Dave says.

After experiencing the expense of repainting weatherboards once before on a previous home, Dave was keen to avoid the amount of maintenance that comes with having timber weatherboards.

“We went to the Auckland Home Show and compared the costs of maintaining traditional timber—all the painting and scaffolding—to Palliside. Palliside came out way ahead in terms of saving money over the lifetime of a home,” Dave says.

“We were initially a bit hesitant about how Palliside looked,” Dave admits. “I was worried it might look too shiny.”

However, after talking to people who had used the uPVC weatherboard before, and visiting their homes, Dave and Kristin's hesitations soon disappeared.

“Since the project’s completion, we’ve asked the neighbours what they thought when it went on,” Dave says. “Most of them didn’t even realise it was uPVC. But they all agreed it looked great.”

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Mixed cladding brings enhanced aesthetic

In truth, Dave and Kristin’s renovation was closer to a rebuild. Perhaps 20 per cent of the original home remains. New rooms have been added to expand the family home, and the exterior has been transformed into a stylish mix of Palliside and plaster.

“When we looked into Palliside’s colour range, we knew the colour had to both complement and contrast the colour of the plaster,” Dave says. “We eventually decided on Palliside’s traditional weatherboard profile in the colour slate.

“The transformation was amazing. It went from an ugly duckling to a swan,” Dave says. “Now it looks great.”


Warranty adds to peace of mind

Palliside’s 25-year warranty was icing on the cake. Having a 25-year warranty for a product that has been on the market for 25 years, has given Dave and Kristin peace of mind.

“For me, it was about how it looked, ease of maintenance and longevity. I wanted a product that would last, and last well,” Dave says. He didn’t want a product that would limp into its 25th year and need a full replacement.

“The fact that Palliside has been around so long and offers a 25-year warranty shows the manufacturer stands by their product. And it’s good to know we have that warranty should we ever need it.”

When asked if he’d recommend Palliside to other homeowners, Dave says: “Choosing a cladding is a personal choice. But I’d say come and have a look at my place and decide for yourself.”

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