Palliside weatherboard cladding helps builder renovate his own home

The Team at Palliside 05 August 2019


Palliside weatherboards deliver seamless home extension

Builder James Sutton, the owner of Overhaul Construction, specialises in giving tired homes a new modern facelift. From kitchens and bathrooms to full home remodels—James’ team can do it. When it came time to renovate his own home, James chose to incorporate Palliside weatherboard cladding.


Prefabrication, Poptop and Palliside

James’ renovation plan was simple in theory—he wanted a second storey added to his family home. In practice, it became a little more than that when James saw the opportunity to trial a new building method: a prefabricated second-storey renovation.

“I’ve used Palliside on other jobs, so I know the system is easy to install making it perfect for this project,” James explains.

Manufactured from specially formulated uPVC, Palliside is also lighter than traditional timber weatherboards and doesn’t need any painting, which made the project easier to manage.

“Using Palliside saved us a lot of time compared to installing traditional timber weatherboards,” James says. “We didn’t need the weather to be perfect. I didn’t need to hire an extra subcontractor to do any painting—that is such a bonus for keeping a project on its critical path. And because it is light, we didn’t have to worry about the weight when we lifted it.”

As for the lifting process, the second storey went up without a hitch. There was no damage, the weatherboards stayed perfectly in position. James’ couldn’t be happier.

“We’re over the moon with the result.”


A weatherboard for all occasions

From day one of his renovation, James’ wanted a classic weatherboard look—but without the maintenance. With his home having a traditional layout, he needed a second storey cladding that would complement his home’s existing brick facade.

With its range of colours and profiles, there was a lot of flexibility when it came to choosing a style to suit his home. Add the fact that James’ had successfully used Palliside on his last two projects—a traditional country-style home and a more contemporary home—meant he was confident in the product’s aesthetic merit.

Palliside’s traditional slate coloured weatherboard turned out to be the perfect match for his own home.

“Palliside looks similar to timber weatherboards,” James recalls. “And our renovation looks almost too good to be true. It looks like it’s just been painted!”


Manufacturer’s integrity and support gives builders confidence

As a builder, James researched Palliside extensively before he decided to use it the first time. What impressed him most was how open Dynex (the manufacturer of Palliside) was about their manufacturing processes, coupled with their willingness to answer questions and back up their claims with independent assessments.

“With any building product, you want quality assurance and peace of mind,” James says.

Did you know? Palliside has been independently tested by BRANZ and meets the New Zealand Building Code.

Moreover, he’s found the information and support available for builders to learn how to install Palliside is both excellent and invaluable.

“The amount of preparation you can do with the information available is second to none,” says James. “It can feel like there’s a lot to take in at the start, but after using Palliside once or twice, you get into the groove of it.”


Sustainable and quicker to install than timber

According to James, Palliside goes on quicker than traditional timber weatherboards—all thanks to its lightweight, double-board profile. Moreover, because Palliside is available in 6.3 metre lengths and the weatherboards can be joined between studs, wastage is kept to a minimum.

Dynex is also a 1SO14001 accredited manufacturer and Palliside weatherboards are made from 100 per cent recyclable materials.


A low maintenance weatherboard that lasts

For James, it’s not just Palliside’s aesthetics, sustainability and ease of install that makes it appeal. It’s also the longevity. As a trusted building professional, he wants to hand the keys over to a home that wins his clients heart—and one that will stand the test of time.

“I’ve seen Palliside clad houses that are over 20 years old and still looking great,” he says.

This is especially true for homes situated near the coast. Palliside uPVC weatherboards are impervious to high levels of UV and salt corrosion. And because it comes pre-coloured with no need to paint, it will never flake or peel, unlike painted timber, which usually requires repainting every ten years or so. James has even encountered new timber clad homes requiring a repaint in under five years due to their coastal location.

In contrast, Palliside only needs an annual wash with a hose or soapy water.

“I’ve used Palliside on my own home and on several client builds. It’s great for investment properties too. Keeping it looking good is easy, which is a bonus when you come to sell it.”

Most of all, James says, Palliside provides, “A brilliant look that just lasts. I’d recommend it to anyone whether they’re a client or fellow builder.”

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