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The Team at Palliside 20 September 2017

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Using a cladding that's quick to install does more than save you time––and money––on your new build. It also protects your home too. A fast install reduces the time your home is exposed to the elements––a crucial factor given the likelihood of wet weather in New Zealand.

It’s why cladding that’s quick to install, like Palliside’s uPVC weatherboard, is preferred by so many Kiwi architects, builders and homeowners.

“The best thing about Palliside is the speed of installation. It's much faster to install than other products,” says Dan Driver of Northern Construction. He also adds that Palliside's excellent technical support reduces the chance of any hiccups that could delay your cladding installation.


Why are Palliside weatherboards so quick to install?

Double-board profiles

With Palliside’s uPVC weatherboards, you can install two boards in the time of one. Instead of single boards, Palliside weatherboard comes in double-boards, which drastically cuts down installation time and waste.

Double-board profiles also aid weather tightness. If moisture is going to get past your weatherboard, it’s going to get in through the joins. With a double-board system, there are fewer joins and less risk of water ingress.

Longer boards than traditional weatherboard

Palliside is manufactured, not harvested, so it is often produced in lengths that are longer than other claddings. Not only does this speed up installation time, it also allows for greater scope in how you use the boards on your home. Having customised long lengths of weatherboard can allow you to line up joins so they are hidden behind downpipes, as well as reduce the number of joins required.

Interlocking board and hidden nails

Palliside’s unique interlocking design makes it easy for builders to “lock” the weatherboard in position and nail it through a nail fixing strip. The next weatherboard is then inserted above, covering the nails, so there’s no need to spend time pre-drilling the board or filling nail holes.

To learn more about installing Palliside, see here for our installation and technical guides.

No painting needed

While Palliside weatherboards can be painted, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to. Instead, it comes in a pre-finished contemporary colour range from slate and riverstone to sandstone and white. An occasional quick wash will make it look as new as the day it was first installed.


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How long does Palliside take to install?

Installation time for Palliside will vary depending on the design of your new build, the accessibility of the site and your builder. Generally, experienced builders can do a full house within a week, and a second story installation in three to four days.

"You don’t have to spend a long time with scaffolding; once the cladding is done, the scaffolding is gone. The installer knows exactly what to do and the end result is nice and tidy, and of course extremely low-maintenance.” –– Mohammed, MM Building.


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