“The smartest decision I made was to use Palliside exterior weatherboard cladding”

The Team at Palliside 26 June 2019


Maraetai home clad in Palliside upvc weatherboard

When Lorna bought a vacant lot in Maraetai to build her new home, her goal was to have a modern, smart looking home. In particular, she was interested in an exterior cladding solution that was simple and easy to maintain. It was a friend who first recommended that she consider Palliside uPVC weatherboard.


Exterior cladding suited to coastal living

Living near the coast in Maraetai, she needed an exterior cladding solution capable of withstanding the region’s harsh salt-laden air. Salt, combined with high levels of UV and humidity, can cause some cladding finishes to degrade quicker than normal. This is something Lorna was very conscious of avoiding and why she chose to rule out timber and fibre-cement weatherboards.

“Some of the homes in my suburb were built using these materials,” Lorna says. “Over time they’ve become badly faded and will need ongoing painting. It's clear they are ill-suited to coastal conditions.”

Meanwhile, her home, located at the top of a hill, stands out sleek and clean against the coastal landscape.

“When you drive up the road your eyes are drawn to it immediately. It just looks so sharp—I love it. I’ve had so many people comment on how beautiful it always looks.”

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Designing for style and low maintenance

For Lorna, the exterior of a house is one of its most important features. It is what people see first, especially future buyers should she ever decide to sell.

Having previously owned a cedar-clad house, Lorna knew she didn’t want to go down that road again.

“Cedar looks great, but it requires a lot of work to keep it that way,” she says. “There’s no way I wanted to invest all that time on maintenance a second time around.”

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Lorna has also previously lived in a house made of brick. While it was easier to maintain than cedar, the house lacked the all-important character of traditional timber weatherboard.

“I wanted something a bit different, something that looked like timber, but wasn’t,” she says.

When a friend recommended Palliside after installing it on their home, Lorna went online to learn more, where she discovered blogs, guides and brochures all about the New Zealand made uPVC cladding.

“I learned about the colours and styles available, which was extremely helpful,” Lorna says. She learned that Palliside’s colour was added during the manufacturing process, meaning it would never need painting. The only maintenance required is an annual wash, which she could easily do with a hose. Liking what she read, Lorna ordered a sample pack.

“When I saw the product for myself, my mind was made up.”

Unfortunately, Lorna’s lot in Maraetai came with a caveat that required her to build with a pre-approved list of materials. A list Palliside wasn’t on. But Lorna was adamant it was the right material for her.

Luckily, her builder Stonewood Homes, came to her rescue. They had used Palliside on a number of homes in the region and highly recommended it. After careful consideration and investigation of Palliside’s properties on BRANZ, the governing body approved the materials and design.


A 25-year warranty guarantees the future

Palliside’s 25-year guarantee also factored into Lorna’s decision to use it on her home.

“No company would put that guarantee out there unless they could stand behind it,” she says.

The transferable warranty was an assurance that her home’s exterior was exceptionally well made. Lorna also knew that should she decide to sell her home, that it would give potential buyers peace of mind. Palliside will last—and well beyond its 25-year guarantee, she believes.

“I wanted a low-maintenance product that would last, never need painting, had a good warranty and was available in neutral colours to complement the design of my build,” Lorna says. “With all its features, Palliside was a no-brainer.”

In the 18 months of living in her new home, Lorna hasn’t seen any wear or tear—which, she admits, she would have expected to see now.

“Not even any spider webs! They can’t stick to it at all, it’s great!” she jokes. “It helps keep it clean and respectable too.”

“Palliside has been an absolute dream to work with. If I did build another house, I would 100 per cent choose Palliside again.”

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